Direktor bei Sportsalliance

The FC Twente Case: Turning Big Data insight into effective Marketing Campaigns

Henk-Frits Verkerk, a Dutchman from Rotterdam, was in 2002 one of the founders of Sports Alliance, Europe’s first Fanmarketing company. Before that Henk-Frits worked in digital television at a leading digital TV company and as a Business Consultant specialising in digital (pay) televison and telecommunication.

Henk-Frits holds a MSc BA degree in Business Administration from the Rotterdam School of Management. As a student he made a living as a teaching assistant in Statistical Analysis. To his own surprise, this long ago learned and practised skill, has now risen in importance again with the rise of Big Data. Henk-Frits is proud of his German language skills so feel free to address him in German.

As the Consumer Sales Manager ad interim of Aston Villa Football Club, Sports Alliance first client, Henk-Frits was tasked with creating one consumer sales department and introducing CRM. The Aston Villa assignment, which lasted a year, was the basis for the development of the Sports Alliance data management platform. The fact that Aston Villa, after 3 changes in ownership, together with another 105 football clubs, is still a Sports Alliance client is living proof that the Sports Alliance solution works for clubs.